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Pedelec Tuning with the correct speed-indication

With the bikespeed-RS your speed-indicator works perfectly normal despite the tuning!

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What is the bikespeed-RS?

bikespeed-RS Pedelec Tuning The bikespeed-RealSpeed-tuning is devised for every Bosch- or Yamaha-Pedelec with a mid engine design.

The tuning component annihilates the speed limit of 25km/h and always shows the actual velocity on the speed indicator. Besides, the trip recorder, average and maximum speed, the calculation of the range and so forth are usable without any constraints. Of course the existing levels of relief as well as special profiles will be conserved as well. The activation of the light is likewise unnecessary; respectively you can use the tuning even if a lighting-system powered by battery is already installed on your bicycle.

We designed the installation of the tuning as easy as possible. All of the necessary connections are pluggable as you know it from the established bikespeed-cable sets. Thus, it is not necessary to wiretap any cables on your pedelec, and a fast and traceless de-installation is possible.

The turbo-mode is available via a key-sequence at the display respectively handlebar panel. You can see the procedure in the following video: to the power-on-sequence-video on Youtube

The tuning automatically adjusts to your pedelec when it is activated. The engine, display and the tire size are identified automatically. The tuning is thus universally usable and you do not have to conduct anything.

More information about the installation or the usage can be found in the instructions: to the instructions

One of our customers made a video about the installation of the bikespeed-RS on his Haibike Xduro with Bosch Performance-Line motor: to the installation-video on Youtube (thank you Fivepixel!)

What's the deal with the custom variant?

By popular request of our customers we offer the bikespeed-RS optional configurable. You can do your personal settings. Due of this you respectively your tuning is protected from prying eyes.

You can decide by yourself, when the tuning should inform you about its state with the animation of the battery level, or change the key sequence to switch the bikespeed-RS on or off, and you can decide how your tuning will behave after switching on your bike.

Depending on the enigne, the configuration options vary. For further information we suggest you to config your bikespeed-RSc in our shop. All options are explained in detail there. Of course you can do the config without to place a order.

Why use the bikespeed-RS?

Bosch Nyon-Display with bikespeed-RS The greatest advantage of the bikespeed-RS is its simplicity for you, the user. We put great effort into the simplest kind of handling when we developed the bikespeed-RS. After installing the tuning it will blend in with your pedelec seamlessly. You will not even recognize that the bikespeed-RS is installed and it will be more fun for you driving your pedelec since the annoying speed limit of 25 km/h will simply fall away.

What are the advantages? (compared to other types of tuning)

Stevens Pordoi mit Bosch 2014 Performance-Motor und bikespeed-RS People often ask wherein the bikespeed’s advantages in comparison to other available types of tuning lie. To be frank we cannot provide an answer to this question. The reason is simple: we are pedelec-enthusiasts and instead of comparing our products with those of rivals we prefer to invest our time in optimizing them. In our opinion this is the biggest advantage for our customers. Our tuning sets are designed by pedelec-aficionados for pedelec-aficionados and due to our daily utilization they are constantly improved and optimized.

Our experience of thousands of driven kilometers with our tuning sets helps us know on what a successful ride depends. In many situations your velocity is above 25 km/h even with the lowest level of support (eco). Therefore the bikespeed-RS works on any level and you can decide when to use it with the help of a simple key combination.

Our motto is to provide our customers with the best possible support. This includes fast and prompt responses as well as individual responses specific to our customers. In this way we have so far been able to solve any little “hiccup” within the shortest of times.

The quick support naturally also involves a rapid distribution. After receipt of payment an order is usually taken to the post office on the same day and can be in your letter box by the next day. (in germany)

We know on what the use and handling of the tunings sets depend because we use them constantly. That is why we put the focus on the simplest handling and we do not want to distract the user from enjoying his bicycle tour with complex procedures. Every necessary adjustment is automatically identified by the bikespeed-RS. All you have to decide is whether you want to pedal with or without the activated tuning. Thanks to our improvements the bikespeed-RS will be imperceptible during the ride. You will not even recognize that a tuning has been installed. - Simply enjoy your ride.

We pursued this in case of the instalation. With the help of the established cable-sets the tuning can be plugged in within a very few minutes using “plug & play”. One further advantage of this approach is that it makes the bikespeed-RS tuning universally deployable for bosch-engines and that you don’t have to choose between different alternatives at the purchase.
This point is also very important for traders because you have an easy storage and no need to store a different tuning for each motor.

Is the bikespeed-RS suitable for my bicycle?

The bikespeed-RS-tuning is suitable for every electric bicycle with a Bosch or Yamaha mid-engine design. Thanks to its intelligent software the tuning adjusts to your bosch-bicycle automatically.
There will be a variant for brose engines soon.

The bikespeed-RS is currently tested and released with the following software versions of your bosch-pedelec:

Year Engine Display Battery Softwarerelease
2011 Bosch Classic
up to V
HMI up to V  
2011 to
Bosch Classic
up to V
Intuvia up to V up to V  
2014 Bosch Classic+
up to V
Intuvia up to V up to V  
2014 to
Bosch Active-Line
up to V
Intuvia up to V
Purion up to V
up to V  
2018 Bosch Active-Line Plus
up to V
Intuvia up to V
Purion up to V
up to V  
2014 to
Bosch Performance- or CX-Line up to V
(with or without e-mtb)
Intuvia up to V
Nyon 1GB up to V
Nyon 8GB up to V
Purion up to V
up to V approx. july 2017
2014 to
Yamaha Syncdrive-C or
Syncdrive Sport
2017 Yamaha Syncdrive-Sport or -Pro Giant RideControl Charge
or RideControl Evo
2014 to
Yamaha PW Powerdrive Unit Yamaha-LCD-display
2017 to
Yamaha PW-X Yamaha PW-X-display    
2018 Yamaha PW-SE Yamaha PW-X or
2015 to
Brose up to V 3.6.1 HMI
CI up to V 5.0
CSI up to V 5.0
2015 to
Brose up to V 4.0.1
RS from delivery week 52/2016 or newer
CI up to V 5.0
CSI up to V 5.0
2017 Brose up to V 4.0.1
RS from delivery week 11/2017 or newer
CI up to V 5.0
CSI up to V 5.0
2015 to
Brose V 4.0.1
RS from delivery week 17/2017 or newer
CI up to V 5.0
CSI up to V6.1.0
up to V 1.3.36 approx. nov. 2017
2018 Brose V 4.0.1
slight restrictions
Marquardt Remote 4311
up to V
up to V 1.3.36 approx. dec. 2017
  Brose not compatible with Bulls Lacuba EVO 8 with Shimano Nexus 8-gear hub, please ask us before!    
2017 Panasonic from 2017
up to V 15.0C.02
Fyler FIT-display
up to V 1.2.1
  approx. nov 2017

status: 2018-02-02

If you have a never software than listed above, and we have not updated the status-date, please ask us by e-mail:, or use the contact form to give us a message: to the contact form.

Do I need any special tools for the installation?

Werkzeug zum Öffnen der Kettenblattmutter (Spider-Tool) We designed the installation of the bikespeed-RS as simple as possible for you. The installation with bosch-engines is carried out invisibly within the gravel deflector of your engine. You can see the installation in our pictured manual. You can find the needed tools in the instructions. Please visit our shop, you can find there many tools at subsidized prices.

Yamaha-Motor The installation at Yamaha engines is also very easy. Only a standard allen key set is required. The engine is held by 3 screws on the frame, and can be easily folded down to give you access to the necces necessary connections.

Brose HMI Display The bikespeed-RS will also be installed within the gravel deflector of the brose engine.
To do this you only have to remove the crank and 5 torx screws usually. You don't need a crank puller to remove the crank in most cases, due it is already integrated into the crank.

You can find more information about the installation in our manuals: to the instructions.

Product liability / liability exclusion

We were not able to figure out whether running the bikespeed-RS without activating the turbo mode is permitted on public roads.

Modified bicycles are only permitted on private property. Running a modified bicycle in public traffic is expressly prohibited by road traffic regulations!

Installing and running a bikespeed-tuning is done in personal responsibility; liabilities for damages or subsequent damages as well as legal consequences for bikespeed are excluded in every case.

Please inquire about legal consequences that may result for you from installing and using the tuning before you use it.

We expressly point out that using the bikespeed-RS leads to a loss of warranty by the manufacturer. Furthermore there are no claims to product liability for your pedelec/e-bike viable for the manufacturer and bikespeed.

bikespeed especially cannot guarantee that brakes, frames, running gears, tires etc. are designed for the use of the tuning-component.

Where can I get the bikespeed-RS?

You can order the bikespeed-RS directly in our online-shop: to the shop

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1)We point out that the installation may only be carried out by an expert.

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