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Tuning for your pedelec with Bosch-, Yamaha-, Brose- or Panasonic-motor

Bosch Pedelec with bikespeed Tuning Wouldn’t it be splendid if the support provided by your E-bike didn’t stop at 25 km/h? Well, we have the solution for this problem. Our tunings enhance the scope of the support provided by the motor up to 50 km/h and faster!

With our bikespeed-key, a tuning in the form of a USB flash-drive, it is easy to switch to full throttle on your Pedelec. The tuning halves the speed on your speedometer, which enhances the scope of the support provided by the motor up to 50 km/h!

The bikespeed-RS goes even a step further and continues to show the correct speed on your speedometer, too. All other displayed values and functions on your pedelec remain unaffected by the tuning and can still be used as usual.

If you want to know, wether and which tuning is available for your bike, we recommend you to have a look in our shop. The shop will lead you with the help of pictures to the best tuning for your bike. Here you can directly visit our shop
You can also have a look on the compatibility list to check, wether your bikespeed-RS is compatible with your motor software or an update.

sign to the bikespeed-key tuning for Bosch E-Bike If you want to learn more about us and the development of the bikespeed-key you can read on here: About us - why we do this kind of thing

We point out that a modified E-Bike/Pedelec may not be used on public roads. Please read our disclaimers, warranty and product liability before purchasing any products: click here for more detailed explanation

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