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How did the bikespeed-key come to be?

Winora Town-E with tuning from bikespeedWe were “infected by the e-bike fever” as soon as 2010. It all began with a Winora Town-e. Driving this bike was so much fun that almost no time passed until two additional Town-es were acquired within our circle of friends.

Yet, however much fun riding those small pedelecs was - the deactivation at 25 km/h was annoying! You literally smashed into a wall at 25 km/h. So we set out to bypass this barricade and after some minor setbacks we managed it.

E-Carpo (with Bosch Pedelec Tuning from bikespeed)Then, in 2012 there was the first e-bike with a Bosch motor. No comparison with the Winora-bicycle. It was a cornerstone in the history of the e-bike. The handling and feel of the mid-engine was not comparable to the hub motor.

For us, it was therefore quickly clear after the test drive at the bike dealer that we also want to have this. That's why we bought an e-carpo from Stevens. Using our experience from the Winora-tuning we “unlocked” the Bosch-motor rather quickly. To this day we persuaded many an acquaintance and a great many friends to acquire an e-bike with a Bosch-motor on which they used our tuning-set and now they drive free from constraints.

bikespeed-keyWe have received only good feedback for our tunings. That's why we decided to start selling them in the summer of 2013.

Through our years of experience in electronics development and marketing, the distribution of the bikespeed-key was quickly implemented.

The bikespeed-team on the roadAfter a short time, this decision was confirmed by the positive feedback of many new and satisfied customers. This has again spurred us to expand our range. Shortly afterwards, we developed and offered tools for installation and accessories for the bikespeed-key.

We are particularly proud of our innovative pluggable cable sets, which greatly simplify installation for our customers and enable trackless retrofitting.

Stevens Pordoi with Bosch 2014 Performance motor and bikespeed-RSHowever, that was not enough for us. Due to our almost 4 years of accumulated know-how for pedelec tuning, we have developed a completely new tuning at the beginning of 2014, which is clearly different from the other "commercial" tunings. These have so far simply halved the speed signal. This allowed you to drive faster with motor assistance, but all displays such as odometer, average speed, etc. were also displayed incorrectly.

With the bikespeed-RS, the actual speed is shown on the speedometer despite tuning. Of course, this also applies to all other indications on the display. All values are actual values in real time. The development was a lot of fun for us. Probably a main reason for this are the thousands of necessary kilometers for test drives. So we could turn our hobby into a profession.

Haibike SDuro AllMnt RX with Yamaha PW Powerdrive Unit motor and bikespeed-RSThe following year 2015 was a very innovative one for us.

Already at the beginning we could expand our product range again. Since Haibike had appealing pedelecs with the new Yamaha PW Powerdrive Unit motor on offer and the manufacturer Giant also presented beautiful pedelecs with the similar Yamaha Syncdrive motor, we struck again.

Through our experience, we were able to quickly develop a tuning for both motor variants. We were therefore able to offer both the bikespeed-key and the bikespeed-RS for all Yamaha mid-engines in the same year.

Rotwild R.C1 HT with Brose motor and bikespeed-RSAlso in 2015, the manufacturer Brose offered a new, innovative pedelec motor. It was the first motor with real freewheeling when pedaling, which made for an even more realistic riding experience. And that despite powerful motor assistance.

We therefore could not resist again and have purchased a Rotwild C1+. After only a short development period, we were able to implement the bikespeed-RS for the Brose motor as well.

E-Carpo (with Bosch Pedelec Tuning from bikespeed)Towards the end of 2015, we were able to significantly expand the functionality of bikespeed-RS again by making it personalizable for you as a customer with the help of the custom-variant. This makes it possible to protect your tuning from prying eyes.

Also in the following years we have constantly expanded our product range. Through our know-how, we have followed the steadily increasing range of pedelec motors and have included tunings for all further developed variants of Bosch, Yamaha and Brose motors as well as the new Panasonic X1 motor in our range.

TQ HPR120S motor on Haibike Flyon with bikespeed-RSIn 2019, Haibike has announced their first completely self-developed bike: the Flyon in different variations, but all with the particularly powerful motor from TQ with its 120 NM torque.

This motor has fascinated us directly. We have therefore already dealt with this motor in advance. It has already been used by the manufacturer M1 Sporttechnik since 2014. Due to this time advantage, we were therefore able to offer tuning in time for the market launch of the Flyon models.

Furthermore, we were able to fulfill a great wish and moved into our new office and production premises towards the end of the year. At the new location we now have even more possibilities to develop and refine our tunings.

So far, this has resulted in two more tunings for the Spitzing Pedelec from M1 Sporttechnik with TQ engine as well as for the Sachs RS engine with also a remarkable 110 NM torque.

The year 2021 will soon be over and we are already eagerly awaiting our next two ordered bikes. What will it be?