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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many inquiries daily. We endeavor to respond to them as quickly as possible, typically on the same day.

Before contacting us, you are welcome to check here to see if your question is among the most frequently asked, allowing you to receive an answer directly:

I have bike XYZ, is there a tuning available for it?
Which tuning should I order?
Can you send me a link to a tuning for my bike?

Due to the boom in the e-bike industry, a large number of pedelecs have been introduced worldwide in recent years, with new ones constantly being released. We do not categorize our tunings based on bicycles but rather on the installed motor and display.

If you would like to know if we offer a tuning for your bike, feel free to visit our shop. It will inquire about the components installed on your pedelec and guide you quickly and easily to the appropriate tuning for your bike.

Through this ordering process with dialogue, it is not necessary to specify a tuning for your bike or provide a link.

I have bike XYZ, is there an installation manual or installation video available for it?

Due to the massive variety of available pedelecs, we cannot provide a detailed installation manual or installation video for each one. Therefore, we have opted for an illustrated installation example that explains all necessary steps in detail. So far, all of our customers have successfully completed the installation using this guide.

How fast can I ride with the tuning?
Can I choose the maximum speed myself?

We offer two tuning variants: the standard variant bikespeed-RS and the customizable variant bikespeed-RS custom. Both variants completely remove the speed limit of your pedelec at 25 km/h. With the customizable variant bikespeed-RSc, you can optionally order it limited to 45 km/h. This is useful in some countries, for example, if you want to insure the bike. In our opinion, any other limit doesn't make sense. If you don't want to ride faster, you can simply stop pedaling.

How fast you can ride with your tuning depends solely on the motor's power combined with your pedaling effort. Typically, the gearing is the next limiting factor because you can't pedal fast enough anymore. To go even faster, you would need another gear or two or a larger chainring. If necessary, please consult your bike dealer.

Can I turn off the standard variant bikespeed-RS?
What is the difference compared to the bikespeed-RSc?
What can I configure with the bikespeed-RSc?

The functionality of the bikespeed-RS and bikespeed-RS custom is the same. The difference lies in customization. With the bikespeed-RS, we have chosen the configuration that we drive daily. If this configuration does not suit you, you can customize your tuning to your liking by ordering a bikespeed-RSc. On our comparison page, you can refer to our proposal for the standard variant bikespeed-RS.

Depending on the motor and display, the available configuration options may vary. It's best to visit our shop and assemble your own bikespeed-RSc there. All configuration options are explained in detail on the website. Of course, this can be done without placing an order.

I want more power / more torque
I want to make my S-pedelec faster

Our tunings remove the limitation of motor assistance on your pedelec at 25 km/h. To integrate our tunings as seamlessly as possible and avoid overloading your motor with overcurrent, overheating, or similar issues, all other characteristics and functions of your bicycle remain unchanged as usual.

Although our tunings completely remove the speed limitation, we offer them exclusively for pedelecs. The reason is that most motors installed on S-pedelecs do not have much power reserve above 45 km/h, so a tuning doesn't offer much added value. However, we have received reports from customers who have tried our tuning on an S-pedelec and are thrilled with the results.

If your question has not been answered, please do not hesitate to use our contact form to ask us your question.