E Bike Tuning for Bosch (Intuvia and others)

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Professional e-bike tuning for BOSCH (Intuvia and more) with bikespeed-RSWith its Bosch e-bike systems product division, the technology giant has been dedicating itself to equipping bicycles with electronic motors since 2009 - and in these ten years has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of e-bike drive systems. The company benefits from decades of experience in the automotive and motorcycle sectors. Therefore we also take Bosch's market leadership position into account in our e-bike tuning solutions: With our bikespeed-RS we provide tuning options for mid motor designs of the Classic, Active, Performance, Performance CX and Active Plus Line from 2011 to 2020 including the 4th generation with Bosch Intuvia, HMI, Nyon, Nyon 2, Purion or Kiox display.

E-bike tuning for Bosch drive systems among others with Intuvia displays

E-Bike-Tuning for BOSCH with Intuvia display with bikespeed-RSThe e-bike is one of the most agile and at the same time most comfortable means of transport of our time and with its growing popularity it has changed our mobility behaviour in a lasting positive way. After all, motor-assisted cycling means sustainable mobility that is not only environmentally and climate-friendly, but also has correspondingly beneficial effects on health. Since the launch of its first e-bike drive system in 2010, Bosch has been setting standards with its powerful engines and, as one of the driving forces behind e-bike technology, has had a decisive impact on the global market for electromobility. Whether relaxed riding in the city, comfortable biking overland, touring over longer distances or sporty mountain biking in difficult terrain and over demanding gradients: Bosch offers the right drive for every application with its various model series from the Active Line and Active Line Plus to the Performance Line and Performance Line CX. It is not without reason that the innovative Bosch engines dominate the e-bike market - and bikespeed, with the corresponding e-bike tuning for the most popular Bosch drives with Intuvia and numerous other displays, puts an end to the top speed of 25 km/h.

Speed up Bosch mid motors (incl. Intuvia display) with E Bike Tuning

About 90 percent of all e-bikes have a mid motor. The reason why the majority of e-bike fans opt for this drive technology is easy to explain: thanks to the direct transmission of power to the chain, the riding experience and behaviour is very similar to that of a regular bike. Other plus points include the compact design, balanced weight distribution and centre of gravity position, which ensure good manoeuvrability and high directional stability. The technologically mature Bosch mid-mounted engines are used in all e-bike variants: from trekking, city or touring bikes to mountain bikes, over 70 leading bicycle brands already use Bosch e-bike technology.

The Bosch E Bike Systems convince through an organic interaction of drive, display and battery. With the intuitively operated Intuvia display, the company completely geared the onboard computer to the topic of user-friendliness early on. This optimal interaction of the Bosch system components must of course be maintained after the tuning. Our E Bike Tuning bikespeed-RS for Bosch mid motors is therefore perfectly configured for the respective combination of engine model and display variant.

Put an end to the 25 km/h limit for motor support on your e-bike with bikespeed tuning. In our Shop you will find e-bike tuning solutions for all Bosch mid motors of the Classic, Active, Performance, Performance CX or Active Plus Line from 2011 to 2020 with Bosch Intuvia, HMI, Nyon, Nyon 2, Purion or Kiox display.

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