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Professional e-bike tuning for Panasonic with bikespeed-RSIt is not without reason that Panasonic is one of the industry giants for electronic products of all kinds. The Japanese company has also proved to be a pioneer in the field of e-mobility; for a long time, Panasonic's drive systems for e-bikes were the best-selling on the German-speaking market. And even today, thanks to their high quality, reliability and innovative strength, the motors are still among the most popular drive systems, which are installed as front and mid-mounted motors, especially in the e-bike brands Flyer, Gazelle, Kettler and KTM. Currently we offer our bikespeed-RS E Bike Tuning for the Panasonic X1 Motor.

E-bike tuning for Panasonic mid motors

Mid motors, also known as bottom bracket motors, have dominated the e-bike market for years - and more and more manufacturers are relying on this drive technology for their pedelec due to its numerous technical advantages. The reason is not least the excellent riding characteristics, because an e-bike with a mid motor rides almost like a non-motorized bicycle: The low and centrally aligned position of the motor provides a balanced center of gravity, which hardly lets the additional motor weight be felt. This ensures reliable directional stability and fine manoeuvrability. At Panasonic, too, the mid motors are among the most popular and sporty e-bike drives.

This is especially true of the X1 update for the Panasonic mid-engine, the Multi Speed Assist engine, which was introduced in 2016. The unique selling point of this e-bike drive is an internal two-speed transmission that can either shift automatically or be operated manually. Since this shifting process is carried out electronically, not only is shifting possible while riding at full speed, but wear and tear on the chain and other components is also reduced. This makes the Panasonic 2-speed midengine lower maintenance and more fail-safe.

The world's first e-bike engine with two-speed transmission from Panasonic is therefore a drive for sporty e-bike riders who love speed and agility. With our E Bike Tuning for the Panasonic X1 drive, we provide even more riding fun for these speed lovers.

Sporty driving thanks to e-bike tuning for Panasonic X1

Our E Bike Tuning for the Panasonic 2-speed mid motor, the bikespeed-RS puts an end to the limitation of engine support at 25 km/h, so that riders who enjoy speed can take full advantage at 50 km/h and more. As a RealSpeed tuning solution, it always shows the actual speed driven on the speedometer and also allows unrestricted use of all other displays such as odometer or range calculation. The bikespeed-RS is available as E Bike Tuning for Panasonic X1 2-speed mid-engines from 2017 to 2019 with the Flyer FIT-Display (D1). Find your individual e-bike tuning solution in our shop, there you can also configure the custom version of the bikespeed-RS, the bikespeed-RSc, directly on your Panasonic drive.

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Can my e-bike also be made faster with bikespeed-RS?

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