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Professional e-bike tuning for Yamaha with bikespeed-RSPower is the main theme for e-bike drives from Yamaha, and it is not without reason that the most important model series run under the designation PW for Powerdrive. The powerful motor support of Yamaha drives is particularly popular in the trekking and mountain bike scene. With their compact and lightweight design, the mid motor designs in particular have conquered the e-bike market and have become strong competitors to the market-dominating Bosch drives. So of course the tuning offer should not be missing: bikespeed offers modern solutions for e-bike tuning for the popular Yamaha engines PW, PW-SE, PW-ST, PW-TE, PW-X, PW-X2, PW-X3 and Syncdrive-Sport, Syncdrive-Life, Syncdrive-Pro and Syncdrive-Pro2.

Bikespeed E Bike Tuning releases the power of Yamaha engines

Yamaha has been involved in the development of electric bicycle engines since the early 1990s, and has been a major contributor to electric mobility. In the beginning, the circle of influence was limited to Asia, but since the e-bike trend has conquered the West, the Japanese manufacturer has also become one of the big players in the market for electric bicycle drives in Europe. The powerful and high-quality electric motors are installed in a wide range of e-bike types, including the Haibike, Winora and BH brands. Whether in the trekking, city or mountain bike segment - Yamaha ebike technology finds its fans especially among sporty and demanding e-bikers. The bikespeed-RS E Bike Tuning frees Yamaha drives from the speed limit imposed on most pedelecs and lets riders enjoy the motor power at full speed.

E Bike Tuning puts an end to the speed limit for Yamaha engines

With standard e-bikes, the motor support ends at 25 km/h - regardless of how much power of the e-drive is still available. This limit cancels out the bikespeed tuning and releases the full power of Yamaha drives. The bikespeed-RS or its custom version bikespeed-RSc is available for Yamaha PW engines from 2014 to 2018 with Yamaha LED or LCD display, for Yamaha PW-SE, PW-ST or PW-X engines from 2017 to 2022 with Yamaha PW-X, LCD-X SideSwitch or Multi Switch TFT display, for Yamaha Syncdrive C or Syncdrive Sport engines from 2014 to 2016 with Giant-Display (RideControl-Charge) and for Yamaha Syncdrive Sport, Syncdrive Life, Syncdrive Pro or Syncdrive Pro2 motors from 2017 to 2022 with RideControl-Charge, RideControl-Evo, RedeControl-One, RideControl-Ergo 2, RideDash-Evo-, RideContro-Go or RideControl-Plus display. In our shop you will quickly find the right e-bike tuning for your bike with Yamaha drive.

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Can my e-bike also be made faster with bikespeed-RS?

Year of manufacture and software compatibility for Yamaha Syncdrive motors:

year date of sale of bikespeed-RS motor display battery date of software of bike

Year of manufacture and software compatibility for Yamaha PW motors:

year date of sale of bikespeed-RS motor display battery date of software of bike

date: unknown

If you are planing an update of your pedelec, please check in advance with this list and your delivery-date wether your bikespeed-RS will be compatible furthermore.

If you have a newer software than listed above, and we have not updated the status-date, please ask us by e-mail: info@bikespeed.de, or use the contact form to give us a message: to the contact form.