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For the tuning of the Gen 4 Bosch Smart System, we have developed our own display that can be controlled via the already installed LED remote control.Bosch has introduced its new 4th generation motors with Bosch Smart System in 2021. We were able to buy a bike with it early and were therefore able to achieve a breakthrough with our tuning as early as February 2022 and ride without limiting the motor power above 25 km/h. In this way, we constantly act on the ravages of time and can also offer solutions for new systems like the one from Bosch. This is possible thanks to our many years of experience in this field.

However, due to the global chip shortage caused by the pandemic, we were only able to start mass production after several months. This allowed us to extensively test our tuning. Before the sale has started, we had conducted over 3000 km of test drives, ensuring that everything operates smoothly.

We introduce: The bikespeed display for Bosch Smart System bicycles

Our display was specially developed for the Bosch Smart System - so tuning with „Real Speed“ display becomes possible.Already in the name of our tunings is the designation "Real Speed". This means that despite chip tuning, the actual speed is displayed on the speedometer of your e-bike. According to our current technical understanding of the Bosch Smart System of Generation 4 motors, this is no longer possible without further ado. But that didn't stop us from giving up to the meaning of the name of our bikespeed-RS: We have not spared the effort and with the help of our experience in the tuning field developed an alternative display for pedelecs with Bosch Smart System with our chip tuning. This can simply be snapped onto the existing bracket of the Kiox 300 and offers similar functionality as the original display from Bosch. The display is operated with the already installed LED remote from Bosch.

The bikespeed display provides all the necessary functions for your tour despite tuning: Display of the actual speed, battery level, selected motor support level, cadence, calories burned, trip odometer, ride time, average and maximum values and much more.

Our display for tuning the Bosch Smart Systems is multilingual and supports the display of metric and imperial units. In addition, it automatically adjusts the brightness so that you are not blinded in the dark and still can read all values during the day.

Can I also use bikespeed-RS tuning without bikespeed display?

The Bosch Smart System with bikespeed tuningThe bikespeed-RS tuning for the Bosch Smart System was designed by us so that it basically cancels the limitation of the motor support at 25 km/h without our display. So you can ride the bike even with tuning function, for example, if you forgot your device at home.

However, there is one restriction to note: For technical reasons, riding your bike with tuning turned on is only possible if you do not have a Bosch smart display (like the Kiox 300) installed and no Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.

Of course, you can simply switch off the bikespeed-RS as usual by pressing a key sequence and then use your pedelec as normal (with Bosch display and/or Bluetooth app connection).

Spoke magnet, brake disc magnet or rim magnet?

The new 4th generation Bosch motors with Smart System are available with two variants for speed detection. Firstly, the known method that has been used for a long time with almost all pedelecs: speed is measured using a magnet attached to a spoke or the brake disc, with a sensor mounted nearby.

In addition to this well-known method, Bosch has introduced a completely new option for its Smart System: the so-called Rim Magnet is attached to the valve on the rim of the rear wheel, while the sensor is located in the motor. Although tuning e-bikes with rim magnets initially posed a special challenge, we were able to develop a suitable bikespeed-RS for unlocking motor power for this variant as well.

Motor software versions for rim magnet tuning

Bosch released an update to the motor software, version 9.13.0, at the end of 2023. As a result, many, if not all, of the rim magnet tunings available on the market became incompatible. However, we found a solution for the new motor software back in December 2023, which we have been offering since March. From January to March, we extensively tested this solution to ensure, as usual, that the tuning can be used without any difficulties or error messages for our customers.

In April, Bosch released another update to motor software V 11.13.0, which again caused incompatibility issues. For bikes without rim magnet, the solution was quickly found through modified tuning software. However, rim magnet tunings required another hardware modification. Based on our experience, we were able to implement this much faster this time, and we can already offer tunings for all versions and software statuses by the end of May.
If you have a bike with a rim magnet, you should therefore be extra cautious when installing updates on your bike.

To obtain the appropriate tuning for your bike, it is important to select the correct variant for your pedelec when ordering, due to these different speed measurement methods: via rim magnet, brake disc magnet, or spoke magnet. Our shop will assist you in making the suitable choice.

For bikes with ABS we currently have no tuning on offer.

You still have questions about tuning for the Bosch Smart System?

You have problems with the independent orientation in the e-bike jungle? Then simply send us an email via our contact form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible and help you choose your tuning solution for your e-bike with Bosch motor.

Can my e-bike also be made faster with bikespeed-RS?

Year of manufacture and software compatibility:

year date of sale of bikespeed-RS motor display battery date of software of bike

date: unknown

If you are planing an update of your pedelec, please check in advance with this list and your delivery-date wether your bikespeed-RS will be compatible furthermore.

If you have a newer software than listed above, and we have not updated the status-date, please ask us by e-mail: info@bikespeed.de, or use the contact form to give us a message: to the contact form.