E Bike Tuning for bikes with Pinion MGU motor

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Professionelles E-Bike-Tuning für Pinion MGU Motoren mit dem System bikespeed-RSThe Pinion MGU motor presented at Eurobike 2023 has greatly impressed us. The concept of a low-wear automatic gearshift combined with a powerful motor sounded promising.

Therefore, we made efforts to obtain a Pedelec equipped with it promptly. And our expectations were not disappointed. Our touring bike with the new Pinion MGU E1.12 is a lot of fun to ride and at the same time very comfortable. The configuration options for the gearbox leave nothing to be desired, and we find the integration into the FIT system very successful. The operating comfort achieved thereby is unparalleled. The gears are changed very quickly and effortlessly compared to a conventional chain or hub gear, even under load or at a standstill, and the noise comfort provided by the low-wear belt drive also brings a pleasant riding experience.

In this scenario, of course, the 25 km/h limit is a limitation. Therefore, we have examined the possibility of tuning for this combination and are already riding a prototype that significantly increases the fun of riding.

Series production has already begun. We are now accepting pre-orders in our shop. Deliveries will begin in April 2024.

FIT-System mit Pinion MGU und Tuning von bikespeed

The bikespeed innovation of 2024!

Since the announcement of the motor, we have been receiving daily inquiries about whether we will offer tuning for the new Pinion MGU motors. We can now provide the answer as of March 2024: YES!

In May, however, we temporarily paused our production because of the motor update to V 1.2.0 which made the tunings incompatible.

We were able to find a solution fairly quickly. However, in addition to the tuning, a pulley modification is necessary. You can find more information and the necessary calculations here:Pinion MGU bikespeed Calculation-Tool.

Can my e-bike also be made faster with bikespeed-RS?

Year of manufacture and software compatibility:

year date of sale of bikespeed-RS motor display battery date of software of bike

date: unknown

If you are planing an update of your pedelec, please check in advance with this list and your delivery-date wether your bikespeed-RS will be compatible furthermore.

If you have a newer software than listed above, and we have not updated the status-date, please ask us by e-mail: info@bikespeed.de, or use the contact form to give us a message: to the contact form.